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The Grace of Salvation (Types of Evangelism)

  1. Personal Evangelism
    • This is one-to-one evangelism.
    • You witness to someone and tell them about Jesus.
    • This is the most effective method.
  2. Invitational Evangelism
    • This is where you invite someone to church,
    • You do not preach to them but as they hear the word of God they get saved.
  3. Crusades
    • Following up people who get saved at the crusades is a challenge.
    • Requires a lot of money to organize.
  4. Character Evangelism
    • You speak a message with your life.
    • Your life has a story, preach to people with your life.
    • Whatever you do or say in secret or in the open has a bearing on someone’s salvation.
    • Never be a stumbling block to the salvation of someone.
    • Can your workmates testify about your salvation?
  5. Arts Evangelism
    • Evangelising through the arts (sports, concerts etc)
    • Difficult to measure whether you’ve had an impact on someone’s life using this method.
  6. Media Evangelism
    • Using the radio, TV to preach the Gospel.
    • Also difficult to measure the impact you have on someone’s life.

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The Grace of Salvation (Week 2)

ROMANS 10:13-15

Whosoever means whosoever

  • Even those that have been labelled witches, murderers.

People out there are waiting.

  • But how will they believe if they haven’t heard? People will not develop faith until they hear someone speak.
  • The lives of people out there are in your hands. You can’t call God to go preach in the market.

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