Let It Go, He Is There For You

John 11:1-8

As long as you are alive, you still have things to do. What you should do is the assignment God has given you.

  • If you believe in him and you know your assignment, you will not mind hostilities.
  • Do God’s work while it is still day.

John 11:11-14

    • In your situations, the Son of God will be glorified. Many people will know the greatness of God through your situation.
    • God never sleeps nor slumbers. God is ever present, whenever we wonder where God is in our situation, let us be reminded he is ever present.
    • You can not put God in a box and expect him to think the way you think.
    • People would never see that God is working in your life if he acted on every thought of yours. People would think it is your own doing.
    • If Jesus intervened even before Lazarus got sick, we would not have the story of Lazarus today.

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The God In The Mountain Is The Same God In The Valley

John 15:5

  • If you know you’re connected to the True vine, it doesn’t matter where you are, what season or situation you are in, it is well.
  • If you remain connected, you can sing “It is well with my soul”
  • Our problem is we look to the people we’re connected to. Those connections are useless if you aren’t connected to the True Vine.

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Be Ye Transformed

What Is Transformation?

To transform means to change, and this change is a process.

Transformation is the process that brings about change in a being.

  • It is supposed to be radical.
  • Something that is radical is completely out of the norm.
  • This transformation is supposed to be in direction, position, nature and appearance.

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Where Is Your First Love?

Revelation 2:1-5

Before we embark on anything, we ask “what will it benefit me?”

  • We calculate our every move so that whatever we do is beneficial to us.
  • Every wise person calculates the end before they move.
  • There was a reason we decided to become born-again. After the decision we made, we are to live according to the reason we decided to become born-again.

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