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The Power of Relationships & Unity (Continued)

Advantages of Unity

  1. We achieve much when we are knit together.
  2. Things are done faster saving time and energy.
  3. We carry one another’s burden and the burden becomes lighter.
    • Church is a community, not just in times of trouble but all the time. We should therefore break the barriers.
    • Psalm 133:1-3
  4. Wounded hearts are healed.
      • Open up your heart and find somebody you can confide in. If someone confides in you, be trustworthy with the things people share with you.
      • In your busy schedules, find time for somebody so you can carry their burden with them.

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Birthing Your Miracle

A miracle passes through a process before it is birthed.

Jesus was a miracle child but it took 9 months before he was born.

The Processes of A Miracle

  1. It begins with a seed
      • There has to be a seed for that miracle.
      • What do you have as a seed for your miracle?
      • You hold part of your miracle, it is in your hands
      • These seeds are in your home, or in your head. Some of these seeds are your thoughts, ideas. Take care about what you think.
      • Different miracles have different instructions. Instructions are part of the process, hear what God is saying.
      • Any instruction you are given, take it seriously. These instructions can be from professionals.
      • Samson’s mother was given instructions regarding her son [that he should never cut his hair etc]

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Repairing The Broken Altars

1 Kings 18:17-20, 1 Kings 18:23-38

Elijah knew what his God was going to do because he served the True God

  • Even so, he took care to repair the altar.
  • Elijah waited until evening as that was the time he usually went to worship God.

“Whoever builds an altar takes ownership of that area”

  • An altar is a declaration.
  • Whoever built an altar had an encounter with God (Genesis 8:20-21).

Genesis 12:4-8

  • Abram built an altar in the land the Lord promised to give his descendants.
  • Abram built another altar in Bethel [verse 8].
  • Wherever he went, Abram built an altar to God [Genesis 13:18].
  • Wherever he built an altar, those places became significant to him and his seed.

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The Spirit of Trustworthiness

We will first look at examples of people that were not trustworthy before God

Exodus 32:1-6, John 12:1-7


Aaron carried out every instruction God gave Moses.

Aaron was with Moses whenever Moses met with the Pharaoh.

Exodus 32:2-6

  • Aaron made Israel sin by building an altar for the calf he had made.
  • Aaron blasphemed by declaring that the calf had brought Israel out of Egypt.

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Bishop Holla-The Power of Choice

Every decision we make has a bearing on our life.

The decisions we make also have an effect on future generations.

2 Samuel 11:1-7

  • The decisions we make bring about other events.
  • -David looked intently at Bathsheba and began to make inquiries. He then called for her and laid with her.
  • It is foolish to plant a seed and expect it not to grow.

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