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Easter Prayer & Fasting Petitions- Day 1




  1. Let’s repent for lack of full participation in previous prayer and fasting programs(Ezra 8:21)
  2. Let’s repent for lack of seriousness in our life of giving and tithing(frog tithing)
  3. Let’s repent for the lack of establishing family altars in our homes
  4. Let’s repent for using foul language to our family members and neighbours
  5. Let’s repent for lack of seriousness in reading the word of God
  6. May God cleanse us from all these and give us a new beginning

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Prayer & Fasting Day 26-January 27


  1. Praise God for opening the church at Chafumbwa which is growing fast in numerical and is enable bought the land and iron sheet for church building.
  2. Praise God for raising up youth ministry at Magomero and Chafumbwa
  3. Thank God for contruction of a church pastor’s house at Magomero
  4. Pray for financial breakthrough and even well-wishers’ to support Chafumbwa CFC building project with amount over MK2.5Million.
  5. Pray that God will use the Magomero youth ministry to reach out 500 people in 2016.
  6. Pray that the leaders of the churches around Magomero are committed to the church and participate in all the church activities
  7. Pray for financial grace to be released for leasing the land at Magomero CFC
    KAPALA. Pray for financial breakthrough for church building project so that it will be completed. They need more than MK800, 000 to finish.

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Prayer & Fasting Day 25- January 26

The Lilongwe City Church, being the regional headquarters, supervises and oversees the activities of the church in the Central region as follows: Magomero, Kasungu, Salima, Kapsya, Dedza, Bua, Santhe, Mponela, Mtunthama, Kanyerere, Area 51, Mchinji, Dowa, Ntchisi, Nkhota-Kota, Dwangwa and Area 21

1. Thank God for His grace of restoration of church membership.
2. We thank God for enabling us to put up a Sunday School block which will be completed soon.
3. We thank God for helping us acquire another piece of land at Area 49 Gulliver. Continue reading Prayer & Fasting Day 25- January 26

Prayer & Fasting Day 24

The Zomba church under the leadership of Pastor Kadumah supervises the churches in Namadzi, Liwonde, Mayaka, Malosa, Balaka, Ntcheu and Monkeybay. It is an Islamic belt in the country. We therefore need to pray that the church will break all barriers in the region to reach out to the Muslims.

Praise Items

  1. Praise God for increase in membership
  2. Praise God for the spiritual growth of members through the systematic teachings by Pastor Kadumah
  3. Praise God for the increase in finances.
  4. Praise God for the unity and availability of leaders
  5. Praise God for sustaining the church despite then false teachings around.

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Prayer & Fasting Day 23

Morning Session
Praying for: Trustees Board

Calvary Family church has a Trustees Board in every country where we have our presence. These include South Africa, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, and Mozambique. The board in Malawi acts as an International Board which comprises Apostle, Mum Mbewe and four other members of the church.

Praise items – Psalms 103:1-5 Continue reading Prayer & Fasting Day 23

Prayer & Fasting Day 21

The region caters for all churches in Karonga and Chitipa. Pastor and Mrs Mpakati oversee the work in the region. The members of the church are constructing church buildings at Karonga boma, Chitipa, Uliwa, Kashata, Kasamangala, Mwakisulu and Mwasulama. Kibwe Church at Kaporo which was closed has now been re-opened.

Morning session
Karonga Boma Church
Praise Items: 1 Chron 16:11-13

Thank God that church is now established at own premises.
Thank God for leadership of Pastor and Mrs Mpakati in Upper north despite financial challenges . Continue reading Prayer & Fasting Day 21