Bishop Holla-The Power of Choice

Every decision we make has a bearing on our life.

The decisions we make also have an effect on future generations.

2 Samuel 11:1-7

  • The decisions we make bring about other events.
  • -David looked intently at Bathsheba and began to make inquiries. He then called for her and laid with her.
  • It is foolish to plant a seed and expect it not to grow.

2 Samuel 11:7-9

  • It wasn’t allowed for men to sleep in their houses when other men were at war. Uriah knew this (2 Samuel 11:11).
  • An innocent man’s wife is impregnated, the man dies in battle, because of 1 decision, David stayed behind in Jerusalem when he should’ve been in battle.
  • Decisions are expensive.
  • The consequences of some decisions can’t be reversed. David repented but Uriah was still dead.
  • What decisions are you making? Do you pray before making a decision?

1 Kings 11:401 Kings 11:1-3

  • Solomon was diverted from worshipping the true God.
  • Rehoboam ignored the counsel of the older men and took the advice of the younger men (2 Kings 12:8-11).
  • Everyday of our lives, we make decisions. Joseph had a decision to make, Potiphar’s wife had a decision to make.

Daniel 1:8

  • Daniel also had a decision to make.
  • Do not underrate any decision you make as a child of God. Some of the big decisions we have to make in life include “Who do i Marry?”, “Which Church should I belong to?”
  • Before you make decisions, consult God, seek counsel from the elderly.

Factors That Affect Our Decisions

  1. Cultural Factors
  2. Geographic factors
    • Where we are also affects our decisions.
  3. Spiritual factors
    • How much do we value God’s word?
    • How seriously do you take the counsel of God?
  4. Social factors
  5. Gender factors
  6. Peer Pressure
  7. Emotions
    • 3/4 of the decisions you make when you’re angry are wrong
    • Do not speak or discuss anything when you’re angry.
    • You can also make the wrong decision when you’re too happy (Matthew 14:6-9)
  8. Fear
    • People have left God because of fear.
    • Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego knew about the furnace but still obeyed. Daniel knew about the lion’s den.
    • Jesus had to make the decision whether to die for us or not. Jesus’ greatest battle was in the garden of Gethsemane.
    • Make tough decisions while looking at the joy that is ahead.
    • Saul lost his kingdom because of fear.
  9. Desperation

Some decisions can’t be reversed. What we need is God’s Grace in those decisions

  • One of the irreversible decisions is marriage.

Find the right counsel.

  • Sometimes we run to people who will sympathize with us.

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