Be Ye Transformed

What Is Transformation?

To transform means to change, and this change is a process.

Transformation is the process that brings about change in a being.

  • It is supposed to be radical.
  • Something that is radical is completely out of the norm.
  • This transformation is supposed to be in direction, position, nature and appearance.

Romans 12:1-2

  • Mercy takes you from where you were.
  • Mercy alone won’t bring about transformation.
  • You are supposed to work to fit in behavior, nature, appearances, the way we talk, think and conduct ourselves so that we are in tune with what we are supposed to be like in this new family.

You have to make this decision to be transformed.

Offer Your Body

What does it mean to offer your body?

God doesn’t say offer your services.

Everything that brings about change that will be noticed happens through the body.

  • The body has the desires for things that are against God’s will.

Living Sacrifice

  • This is about dying to sin.
  • This means that the body should be killed whilst it is still living.
  • You have to decide that your body will not have any power over you.
  • The body shouldn’t take you out of the will of God.
  • This is a decision, to kill your body and you are supposed to make this decision.

Many Christians aren’t ready for transformation because they aren’t ready to kill the body.

  • They still want to please the body.

If you make the decision to follow Christ, you also decide to leave the world behind.

  • You will leave the pleasures of the world for the sake of Christ.
  • You are not omnipresent, you can’t be in the world and out of the world.
  • You are either part of God’s kingdom or part of the world.
  • You won’t please God if you aren’t ready to sacrifice.

1 Peter 1:14-16

  • Living a Holy life is deciding to do what the Bible says you should and not doing what it says not to do.

After making this decision, the body will start to conform to what the Spirit wants and then transformation will begin.

What will it benefit you to gain all the pleasures of this world and then lose your life?

  • Love yourself enough to not perish in Hell.

Renewing your mind means starting afresh

1 Peter 2:1-2

  • Take away the things that took you away from God’s presence, the things that made you sin.

Hebrews 12:13-14

  • God knows it isn’t easy by human strength to live a life pleasing to him

Never take Christ out of your work or business. Christ wants to influence you even at your workplace.

Let your conduct preach Christ.

Never let man promote you, only God should promote you.

  • When God promotes you, that is sustainable. If man promotes you, the same man who promoted you can bring you down.

If you’re not ready to change, you’re not ready to serve.


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