The Power Of Praise And Worship

(Psalm 22:3, Psalm 100:4, 2 chronicles 20:18-23)

You invoke the power of God when you begin to praise and worship

  • Do not underrate a time of worship.

What is Praise?

It is an expression of appreciation

  • When you praise a person, you appreciate them for what they are or what they do.
  • When we praise God, we appreciate Him for who He is, what He has done and what He can do.
  • You can praise through songs and shouting.

Let Praise be your lifestyle.

  • Praise was part of David’s lifestyle, that is why he is called a friend of God.

Worship is an expression of Love.

  • Praising God is an expression of Worship
  • You are able to worship God when you are in a relationship with Him.

What drives you to worship God?

God’s character drives you to worship Him.

  • You know the kind of God He is e.g. you know God is a Healer.

What Happens when we begin to worship?

  1. You attract God’s presence when you worship Him
    • Worship ushers you into the presence of God
    • Whatever we need is found in the presence of God
  2. God comes in and takes over all your battles
    • For example, Paul and Silas when they were in Prison (Acts 16:25-26)
    • When Peter was arrested, the other believers were praying and the Angel of the Lord was sent. When we worship, God himself comes
  3. We are preserved when we worship God
    • Not being a worshipper invites curses (Malachi 2:1-3).
    • We create an atmosphere of miracles when we begin to worship God

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