Where Is Your First Love?

Revelation 2:1-5

Before we embark on anything, we ask “what will it benefit me?”

  • We calculate our every move so that whatever we do is beneficial to us.
  • Every wise person calculates the end before they move.
  • There was a reason we decided to become born-again. After the decision we made, we are to live according to the reason we decided to become born-again.

When we decided to receive Jesus, we loved him.

  • Why did we decide to follow Jesus?
  • Let nothing take away the love you had for God. Everything will be vanity if we miss our crown.
  • If you leave something, it is by design. You decide to leave it somewhere.
  • Losing your love for God is dangerous. Do you still love God? If not, everything you do is vanity.
  • People may applaud your service (e.g how good of an usher you are) but what brought you into service was your love for God.
  • Your love for the church should come from your love of God.
  • Service in the church alone is not a passport to Heaven. It isn’t a guarantee that’ll take you to Heaven.
  • Better your name not be registered in the church than your name not be registered in Heaven. If God recognises you, doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t recognise you.

Remember where you lost your first love. You know for sure where you lost it.

If you think its too early to become a christian, better to be early in the Lord than to be ‘The Late’ in the world.

Will the son of man find you living in faith when he comes (Luke 18:8)

  • Will you be overtaken by the things of the world?
  • We are in the world but not of the world.

Things That Make Christians Lose Their First Love

  1. Christians want to belong to the world
    • Though you are in the world, you aren’t supposed to conform.
    • We forget that we are ambassadors. Know who you are.
  2. Christians are overtaken by the multitudes
    • You cant follow God’s love by following the multitudes.
  3. Christians want to bring human rights in the church.
    • Let the things of the world remain in the world.
    • We are to affect the world and not the world affect us.
    • In the world, man can marry man, woman can marry woman. We have our own yardstick.
    • You cannot witness to someone if you live like the person you’re witnessing to.
    • If you aren’t living a life pleasant to God, you are a candidate of hell

How Will We Live A Life Pleasing To God?

  1. Denying ourselves
    • Say no to the things your flesh wants you to do.
    • Loving God is following the Spirit.
    • Deny yourself the pleasures of this world.
  2. Focus on Christ (Hebrews 12:1)
    • Let Christ be the center of everything you do.
    • No one died for you (wife, husband, boss, friend etc). If your friend takes you away from God, sacrifice your friendship.
  3. Live a prayerful life
    • Prayer and Fasting will help you deny your flesh and focus on Christ.



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