Being Filled With The Holy Ghost

We will crush at some point if we don’t realize the benefits of being filled with the Holy Ghost

  • Even Paul was prayed for and filled with the Holy Spirit before he started his ministry (Acts 9:17)
  • Jesus waited 27 years before starting his ministry and he had to be filled with the Holy Spirit before he started.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit means being directed by the Holy Spirit, being controlled by the Holy Spirit, being empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Who Is The Holy Spirit In Your Own Opinion?

Do you describe Him as “something”? i.e “I just felt something saying to me”

During worship, miracles will pass you by if you don’t know who the Holy Spirit is.

We need an understanding of who he is before we receive him in our lives.

  1. The Holy Ghost is God. (Acts 5:3-4)
  2. The Holy Ghost is a person (Ephesians 4:30)
    • Is it possible to anger “something”?
    • He is able to get angry.
    • He can speak (Acts 10:2). Be attentive.
  3. The Holy Spirit can teach (John 14:26)
    • In our world, human beings teach, not an animal or some power.
    • The Holy Spirit has a personality. He can hear, feel and speak
  4. He is one of the trinity
    • He is equal to God. He isn’t a mere force, He is God (Matthew 28:18-19)

Why Did The Holy Ghost Come?

  1. To draw us unto salvation (John 16:8-13)
    • He convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment.
    • He produces conversion in our lives.
    • He gives us assurance we are saved (Romans 8:16).
    • The Spirit in you bears witness that you’re a child of God (1 John 5:6-8).
  2. To give us power to live a Holy life
    • He directs us into all truth (john 16:13).
    • He brings to remembrance the things Jesus said (john 14:26).
    • He reminds you of things you should do.
    • To quicken is to rejuvenate. the holy spirit will give life to your mortal body. (Romans 8:11).
    • He gives us power for service.
    • He gives us power to witness and win souls.
    • He empowers our prayers.  He helps us in our prayer life (Romans 8:27-28).

Some people aren’t filled because they are afraid. They have an unknown fear.

Others are afraid the Holy Spirit will demand too much from them.

Some are afraid God will take away the pleasures of this life, they won’t enjoy this life.

Others do not know the benefits of having the Holy Spirit. Others do not believe the power of the Holy Spirit.


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