The Grace of Salvation (Week 2)

ROMANS 10:13-15

Whosoever means whosoever

  • Even those that have been labelled witches, murderers.

People out there are waiting.

  • But how will they believe if they haven’t heard? People will not develop faith until they hear someone speak.
  • The lives of people out there are in your hands. You can’t call God to go preach in the market.

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The Grace of Salvation

Titus 2:11-15

The Grace of Salvation has been given to all men.

  • There’s no reason why any man should go to hell, the way has been open.
  • God isn’t pleased with the death of unbelievers (Ezekiel 33:11)
  • This Grace doesn’t come to you unless someone brings it to you. It doesn’t come automatically. Apostle Paul was an exception.

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Being Filled With The Holy Ghost

We will crush at some point if we don’t realize the benefits of being filled with the Holy Ghost

  • Even Paul was prayed for and filled with the Holy Spirit before he started his ministry (Acts 9:17)
  • Jesus waited 27 years before starting his ministry and he had to be filled with the Holy Spirit before he started.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit means being directed by the Holy Spirit, being controlled by the Holy Spirit, being empowered by the Holy Spirit. Continue reading “Being Filled With The Holy Ghost”

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