The Grace of Self-Control

Genesis 39:7-12, Galatians 5:22-24, Galatians 5:16

This Grace is connected with the fear of the Lord.

Gifts of the Holy Ghost never surpass the fruits of the Spirit.

  • The fruits only come out when you’re born again.

Salvation and self-control are expensive.

  • They may cost even blood and life.

Everything valuable under the sun goes through a test.

  • If you have a dream, don’t let anything kill it.
  • Joseph understood the dream he had.

Let the Grace of self-control work in your life to preserve the future generations.

  • We have the nation of Israel because Joseph had self-control.
  • Your dreams don’t end on you only, will you disappoint future generations or be faithful?
  • Know how to defend your faith.
  • The Grace of self-control helps you preserve the salvation that God has given you.
  • In the time of Daniel, the self-control of four men defended the religion of an entire nation. Because of the spirit of integrity, God trusted them.

For this Grace to operate, you must have

  1. The fear of the Lord
  2. The spirit of boldness.

Temptations are common to everyone but there’s a way out in every temptation.

  • In every room of temptation, there’s a door that isn’t locked. Joseph saw this door and ran.
  • Let your prayer be “God where is this door?” and God will show it to you that you may escape.
  • There is enough Grace to escape temptations.

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