The Grace of Perseverance

Message by Bishop C. Holla

(Genesis 29:18-28) 

What is it that you want in this life?

  • valuable things don’t come easy.
  • God has made it so that it is a process,
  • Jesus endured 9 months in his mother’s womb, yet he was a miracle baby.
  • For 30 years, Jesus waited to start his 3 year ministry. That was a process he had to go through.
  • God’s friend, Abraham, full of god’s promises waited for so long for the fulfillment of the promises made to him.

Sarah couldn’t wait, she gave Haggai to Abraham.

  • Yes they had a son, but was he the one?
  • Sarah did not wait on God’s promise.
  • Never think that God is confused when He says wait, He knows what He’s doing, He holds time and all seasons in His hand.
  • God lives in eternity, He can start at any point. Our duty is to wait on His promises.
  • Be comfortable, for he holds the seasons in his hands.

You can obtain things quickly but there is always a consequence at the end.

  • Endure when you need to endure.
  • We have the nation of Israel today because one person persevered (Genesis 32:24-28).
  • The perseverance he learned from Laban helped him persevere with the Angel.
  • God will not violate the processes He has put in place.
  • It was painful to wrestle with the Angel but he persevered and today we have the nation of Israel.

We have a lot of witnesses watching us (Hebrews 12:1)

  • Will we disappoint them?
  • How are you running the race? Will you pass on the baton to the next generation?
  • Our success depends on where we fix our eyes, Jesus already won the race.
  • Jesus endured and now sits at the right hand of the father. We are the fruits of Jesus’ endurance.

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