Exploits of Grace

Message by Pastor M Ngoma

Grace is a dangerous element, it can do anything.

  • People may draw lines for us, count us out but with Grace, anything is possible.

Listen to God’s voice in every situation you face

  • We can’t be overcomers if we always run back to our Egypt.
  • In every situation, God speaks.

Face problems head-on in this season of overflowing grace

  • In the time of famine, Isaac planted. He trusted God for a miracle and in the same year he harvested.
  • Famine represents anything negative in your life.
  • Grace caused Isaac to wax great in the same time of famine.
  • What man can’t do, grace is able to do.
  • Anything is possible in this year of overflowing grace.

Grace is able to satisfy you beyond what your income can do

  • Without God’s grace, you can’t be sustained even if you have money surrounding you

Overflowing in grace isn’t a guarantee that enemies won’t come to you

  • But don’t give up, keep on moving (Genesis 26:19-21).
  • More challenges will come, but God’s grace will change those situations.
  • Would you have continued digging wells if it was you? (Genesis 26:22)

Keep on moving up until you dig your Rehoboth

  • The same God of Isaac is on your side.
  • God’s grace is famine resistant, anything is possible with God’s grace.
  • If Isaac hadn’t planted in the famine, he wouldn’t have waxed great.

Abraham got a miracle when everyone had counted him out, when nature said it wasn’t possible

  • When you see that things aren’t working, keep on moving forward.

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