Types of Grace (Week 3)

Message by Bishop C Holla


1 Samuel 16:14-23

David didn’t rush to the palace after being anointed, he went back to the bushes

  • God’s grace was upon him and someone noticed his qualities and sent for him (1 Samuel 16:18).
  • Grace unearths you where people have covered you. You become a solution to the problems around.

David was multi-skilled.

  • Do not depend on one skill only. Do not depend on one business alone.
  • What else would you do if the business you depend on collapsed? What else do you know?
  • Being multi-skilled qualified David to be the king’s armor-bearer even before he was anointed to be king.


1 Samuel 15:12, 1 Samuel 15 12:31, 2 Samuel 16:23

This is the Grace that shows you how to phrase your words.

  • This can be applied in making deals, negotiating contracts, being successful in interviews even when you aren’t qualified.
  • With this Grace, people will listen to you and take your counsel.
  • This Grace caused the Pharaoh to not only listen to Joseph’s interpretation of his dream, but also to listen to Joseph’s solutions to the problems to come.


Genesis 50:14-21

After Joseph’s father died, that would have been the right time for him to exercise revenge on his brothers for everything they put him through.

  • What would you have done if that was you?
  • With this Grace, we can bury the past.
  • There is more than enough Grace to heal our wounds from the things people have done to us

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