Types Of Grace (Continued)


This is the Grace that removes the bad labels that have been put on us by society as well as people. This Grace rewrites history.

Sometimes, because of our past, we have bad labels put on us. God removed the label that was put on the Apostle Paul. 1 Corinthians 15:3-10There is enough grace this year to remove the labels that have been put on us.

A woman with a bad label (Rahab the prostitute) was the only one that was saved when the walls of Jericho fell (Joshua 6:17-23). Rahab is found in the lineage of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ruth became a beggar in a foreign land. One day, the Grace of the Lord changed her story. In one day, her bad label ended. Ruth also entered the lineage of Jesus.

God erased the histories of both Rahab and Ruth. God will turn history around for his own purposes (Matthew 1:1-16)

You are the limit of the power of God that works in you. Therefore, do not be your own stumbling block. Ephesians 3:20


This is the kind of Grace that makes you  so unique that you don’t depend on who you know for things to move for you. God invests special abilities in you and you become sought after by people.

The worst thing that you can do is forget people that have moved you forward. Joseph was forgotten by the butler but it was the Grace of uniqueness that got him out of prison. God’s Grace is sufficient to make you unique.

Joseph not only interpreted the dream but he also brought solutions.(Genesis 41:39). Amidst competition, we need people that have special abilities to bring solutions to the problems the nation is facing. These people should come from the church.

When we have special abilities, people will hunt for us. Be different in your organization, do not be ordinary.

In Daniel 2, the king forgot his own dream and he needed someone to tell him what he dreamnt and also interpret it. This is where Daniel was remembered, because of the Grace of uniqueness.

We need this Grace to make a difference in this generation and only God can give this kind of Grace. God will put a difference in our lives by this Grace.


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