Types of Grace (Week 5)

Message by Bishop C Holla


1 Samuel 16:18, 1 Samuel 17:17-20

What is the grace of prudence? The spirit of doing things with care.

David understood his calling and his business (1 Samuel 17:22)

  • Can you be trusted with resources? With someone’s property?
  • We need the spirit of ownership.
  • Everything we do, no matter how small, matters in the end. You may not know who’s watching.
  • We should show ownership over whatever God has entrusted to us.

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Exploits of Grace

Message by Pastor M Ngoma

Grace is a dangerous element, it can do anything.

  • People may draw lines for us, count us out but with Grace, anything is possible.

Listen to God’s voice in every situation you face

  • We can’t be overcomers if we always run back to our Egypt.
  • In every situation, God speaks.

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