He Is There, Wake Him Up

Message By Pastor D. Jere

ESTHER 2:17, GENESIS 37:3, LUKE 8:22-24

Overflowing Grace comes in the midst of the storm.

Overflowing Grace can’t be experienced where your own abilities can provide for you.

Where there is darkness, where there is no hope and in the midst of problems, that’s when God comes in.

The plans of the devil against the God’s children will not prosper.

Joseph’s own brothers plotted ill will against him but man’s hand cant’ prevent God’s plans from coming to pass.

The more challenges you face, the greater the elevation. Don’t mind the problems you face now.

To elevate to another level, you must pass through tests.

You can’t be promoted to another level without going through challenges.

Ask God the way out of a temptation and not for him to remove that temptation. When you overcome, you will be promoted.

If Joseph wasn’t thrown into prison, he wouldn’t have interpreted the dreams of the chief baker and the chief cup-bearer. The chief cup-bearer would not have recommended him to interpret the Pharoah’s dream and in the end become second in command.

In the pit you are in now, that is a stepping stone, don’t give up. The time of your elevation is coming soon.

In the storms you pass through, Jesus is with you.

No storm is going to destroy you.

Don’t trust the hand of man. Do not rely on your education or your connections, rely on God.

Do not say “I have prayed enough”, call on Him


  1. Wrong Counsel

You can miss the time when God is giving out grace. This can make you trust what people are telling you and not what God is telling you.

      2. Familiarity and Experience

These can take you away from the will of God.

You trust your own abilities in the process. Take your experience out.

You might be in a pit right now but that is only a process. Everything you are going through right now, take that as a step for promotion.


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