Types of Grace

Message by Bishop Holla

1. The grace that makes you forget the shame of past years. 1 samuel 1 vs 6-15
It can be shameful to be a believer and have nothing work out for you. God’s grace comes to silence the critics.
God decided to shut hannah’s womb, not witches or neighbors.1 Samuel 1 vs 17-20
_ this was the birth of the great prophet Samuel. God remembered Hannah and the Grace of God came on her life.
_ God knows what you’re going through, we may not understand how God works but the good thing is he is involved.
_a man with a promise from God waited 25 years for the fulfillment of that promise. No matter how long it takes, what God says will come to pass. Time and seasons are in God’s hands. When people have talked and you’ve done everything you could, that’s when his grace comes in, to silence the critics. there’s no time limit on God’s grace.
_a lot of us look at our ages and the things we don’t have yet. Do you think God doesn’t know how old you are? Grace overrides seasons, this is why Grace is powerful. This is the Grace of remembrance.

2. The Grace that’ll cause you to work more than those that went before you.
1 Corinthians 15 vs 3-10
Because of this Grace, you’re able to do much more than those who went before you. This Grace was evident with the apostle Paul. The Grace of acceleration was upon his life. 3/4 of the new testament was written by Paul.

3. The Grace that makes your enemies work for your good.
Nobody likes criticism, but some criticism is beneficial.
Your enemies (if you know them) could provide checks and balances as well as cause you to change how you do certain things. Esther 6 vs 1-10.
2 Chronicles 36 vs 22-23


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