He Is There, Wake Him Up

Message By Pastor D. Jere

ESTHER 2:17, GENESIS 37:3, LUKE 8:22-24

Overflowing Grace comes in the midst of the storm.

Overflowing Grace can’t be experienced where your own abilities can provide for you.

Where there is darkness, where there is no hope and in the midst of problems, that’s when God comes in.

The plans of the devil against the God’s children will not prosper. Continue reading “He Is There, Wake Him Up”


Types of Grace

Message by Bishop Holla

1. The grace that makes you forget the shame of past years. 1 samuel 1 vs 6-15
It can be shameful to be a believer and have nothing work out for you. God’s grace comes to silence the critics.
God decided to shut hannah’s womb, not witches or neighbors. Continue reading “Types of Grace”

Youth Coffee Morning

Calvary Family Church Youth held a coffee morning today, the 5th of February 2017. This event was held at Falls Calvary Family Church (Cathedral of Restoration) starting from 08:30 am.

The Youth hold coffee mornings as a fundraising exercise for their ministry. Part of the money raised is used to run the ministry itself and help fund major youth events like youth retreat,hospital or prison visits and other activities.

Some of the delicacies that were available at today’s coffee morning include zikondamoyo, zigege, mandasi, chips, eggs, chicken, sausages and many more. Continue reading “Youth Coffee Morning”

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