2017-The Year Of Overflowing Grace & Great Favour

Message by: Apostle Dr M.P Mbewe
Esther 2 vs 17
Acts 7 vs 10
Romans 5 vs 17

When Overflowing grace and great favour meet in your life, they’ll give you authority to rule and reign.
We need to understand that there are seasons and times, and God is the one who changes them. Each season is loaded with things God has planned for you.According to the Hebrew calendar, we are in the season of Ayen (5777) and people want to see/perceive the future.
This has resulted in many prophets, some true and some fake.
The number 5 signifies Grace and the number 7 signifies completion/perfection. This year God wants to perfect Grace. This grace is overflowing.

There’s a crown awaiting us in Heaven, and another crown awaiting those that overcome while on Earth.
This year, we must use the sword of the spirit to rule and reign with Christ.

We are in the season of Grace. If we don’t understand this, we won’t enjoy the things he has prepared for us. (Titus 2 vs 11).

  • Some fail because they rely on their own strength and don’t understand Grace.
    Battles show you that you’re chosen of God.

Genesis 30 vs 22-24

  • Wherever you see the word remembered, it talks about favour. When God remembers you, you’re highly favoured. It means God has looked around and picked you. When God remembers you, your status changes

What is this thing called Favor?

A Kind act of God, released because of his love and remembrance which brings preferential treatment.

  • Nothing can take away disgrace from your life except Grace. Where there’s disgrace, Grace comes in.

Nobody in the old testament characterises favour as Joseph.
Benjamin stands for grace. Benjamin was the last to be born, raised by 1 parent and also left handed.
what society rejects, God is looking to use. 1 Corinthians 1 vs 27,28. God has chosen the insignificant things, to produce the best out of it.
If God turned things around for the Benjamites, God can do something for you.
Overflowing Grace is manifested in our weaknesses.

Seven Examples of Grace In The Bible (Seven Benjamites)
1. Ehud. (Judges 3 vs 15)
Ehud was from the tribe born last. The tribe of Benjamin was the smallest of the tribes. Ehud was also left-handed.
God will use your weakness to conquer things. The Moabites tormented the Israelites but because of Ehud, Israel experienced peace for 80 years.

2. Saul.
He was the smallest in the family, He was from the smallest tribe of Israel. His family was the smallest amongst the Benjamites. (1 Samuel 9 vs 20,21).
He became the first king of Israel. Israel was previously ruled by prophets.
Saul had the Grace to break new ground. The first king of Israel came from the smallest tribe of the Israelites.
There is no disqualification upon you no matter what’s going on in your life.

3. Esther
Esther 2 vs 7,17
Esther had no parents, she was raised by someone else.
Favour and Grace met in the case of Esther. When this happened, a crown was put on her to rule and reign. This is Royal Grace. This Grace isn’t just for you but to transform people around you.

4. Mordecai
Esther 2 vs 5
Mordecai’s place was at the palace gate, the place no one wants. People would want to go to the palace and not just stay at the gate.
People didn’t take notice of him as they passed to go to the palace, they didn’t know he would one day move from that place.
God will reward you for the things you did that people never knew or saw.
The good things you did that you didn’t announce, God will remember you.
From the gate to the palace, what is this Grace? The Grace to sit faithfully on your assignment until you move. People easily give up. When you give up, you’re no good for the next level. Learn to stay put where your assignment is, and He who sees will move you.

5. Mephibosheth
He was the son of Jonathan, who was the son of Saul.
2 Samuel 4 vs 4
He was a Benjamite and he was lame. He was supposed to be staying in the royal city but instead he stayed at a place with no pasture. His father’s slave took all the lands and houses his father owned.
David did 3 things for him when he was remembered. He moved him to Jerusalem (City Of Shalom), his properties were given back and he ate with the king.
Mephibosheth means Remover of Shame, someone who scatters shame.
Overflowing grace doesn’t care who dropped you (education, marriage, relationships etc)

6. Paul
Romans 11 vs 1.
Paul tortured Christians.
1 Corinthians 15 vs 8-10.
Although he came late, the Grace to do more than those that went ahead of him, came upon him.
You will surpass those that went ahead of you and you will do more.
Paul wrote 14 books, much more than any of the disciples who had been with Jesus for 3 years.

7. Benjamin
Benjamin means Son of my right hand.
He was born late and he was left handed.
He was given 5 times more than what the others received by Joseph. He was also given money and clothes.
Genesis 43 vs 34
He was given 5 times more to show him that he’ll never suffer need for food in his life. He didn’t have to worry about his future.
Genesis 45 vs 22
5 times more clothes showed that he’d be dressed for any occasion, he’d be ready for any situation that comes.
Benjamin was also given 300 pieces of silver. 300 stands for victory.
No matter how many people rise against you, you and God are a majority.

The Benjamites, with their left-handedness, were called ‘Men of Valor‘, meaning they were well resourced. Other people started to shoot with their left hand. What people may say is your weakness, God by his grace will visit you in this year. The Benjamites were a sign of Grace. They weren’t meant to be Kings but the first king of Israel came from them.




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