Don’t Give Up

Message By: Elder Chinyamunyamu
Genesis 15 vs 1-5
You don’t get your best if you grow weary and try to help God. Ishmael was Abraham’s second best, they grew weary of waiting on the lord. Continue waiting on the Lord.Gen 21 vs 1-7
At the set time, God will breakthrough in our lives.
1Samuel 19 vs 9-17
David wasn’t king immediately after being anointed by Samuel, he went back to his trade. A number of times, David could’ve killed Saul and became king but he didn’t help God, he waited for the set time. Sarah tried to help God.(1 Samuel 24 vs 17-20).

What will keep us from not giving up on his promises?
1. Be courageous and do not fear.
Continue clinging to God and He will breakthrough in your life.
2. Forget the past and press on toward your promise (Phillipians 4 vs 13-14).
You don’t have the power to change your past.
Failure isn’t failure until you accept that you’ve failed.

3. keep on praying
4. Confess positivity
How do you confess positivity? By keeping and reading the word. Meditate on God’s word.
Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. If you keep God’s word in you, you’ll speak positivity. (Proverbs 18 vs 21)

5. Do not seek to help God
_ Helping God will get you your 2nd best.

What happens when you don’t give up?
1.God’s promises are yes and amen.
God won’t put you to shame. Your promise will manifest in the physical.
2. God will renew your strength even in the sight of your enemies.
You will have efficiency in everything you do, you won’t labor in vain.
3. You won’t have to fight.
God himself will fight for you, you’ll be there to proclaim the victories God spoke upon your life.
The Philistines and Saul’s own armour bearer fought for David, David didn’t have to kill Saul.


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