The Chosen Generation: How Do We Operate As Priests

Genesis 14 vs 18

Kings governed the people while priests were responsible for the spiritual things.
The duties of kings and priests were separated since the time of Moses. We must understand how priests operated in the levitical times to better understand our role as priests today.

Hebrews 9 vs 2-7

Why did God change the levitical priesthood?

  1. Everyone’s forgiveness depended on  one man in the levitical period. He offered sacrifices for the sins of the people. If the high priest came out of the Holy of Holy’s, it was a sign that the people’s sins have been forgiven. God’s forgiveness of their sins depended on the high priest’s own righteousness.
  2.  In the levitical times, people offered sacrifices for every sin they committed and this was tedious.God wanted one sacrifice once and for all to cater for the signs of the people.

Hebrews 5 vs 1-10

Because of the splitting of the curtain in the temple when Jesus died, we have access to the Most Holy place and we now operate as priests. we can go before God’s presence and refer to him as ABBA Father.

Mandates of Priests


Priests were connecting people to God, they were mediators.

  • Because we have the mediator within us, we are now responsible for connecting sinners back to God. 2 Corinthians 5 vs 17-18
  • This is where the great commission comes into effect.
  • When you don’t minister to the people around you, their blood will be upon your hands.


You need to intercede for people.Jesus didn’t do any assignment without prayer.

  • He didn’t rely on yesterday’s anointing for today’s assignment.
  • We need the spirit of compassion that Jesus had. He viewed people as sheep in need of a Shepard.
  • When you pray, your spiritual ears open up and you’re able to hear the needs of the people
  • When you pray, your spiritual eyes open up and you see people the way God sees them


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