Church Announcements- May 8th

General Announcements

  1. Children’s choir practice continues every Saturday starting from 9am to 12pm.
  2. There will be Holy Communion is on the 21st of May.
  3. There will be a prayer & fasting program on Saturday, 20th May.
  4. Pastor’s basket is on 28th May.

Ministry Announcements

  1. Today, the youth will have a movie afternoon.
  2. The youth had prayers at Bunda mountain yesterday, the 7th of May.
  3. Support the youth ministry by buying newspapers every Sunday at the gate
  4. Women’s ministry will have their monthly meeting on Saturday, 14th May, starting 8:30 AM, all women are invited. Remember to put on your uniforms.
  5. On Monday, 16th May, women’s leaders will have a get together at Pastor Holla’s residence in area 47/1 at 9AM.




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