Prayer & Fasting Day 26-January 27


  1. Praise God for opening the church at Chafumbwa which is growing fast in numerical and is enable bought the land and iron sheet for church building.
  2. Praise God for raising up youth ministry at Magomero and Chafumbwa
  3. Thank God for contruction of a church pastor’s house at Magomero
  4. Pray for financial breakthrough and even well-wishers’ to support Chafumbwa CFC building project with amount over MK2.5Million.
  5. Pray that God will use the Magomero youth ministry to reach out 500 people in 2016.
  6. Pray that the leaders of the churches around Magomero are committed to the church and participate in all the church activities
  7. Pray for financial grace to be released for leasing the land at Magomero CFC
    KAPALA. Pray for financial breakthrough for church building project so that it will be completed. They need more than MK800, 000 to finish.


  1. Pray for that God should raise the pastors to oversee the churches in Mozambique. Currently Pastor Yesaya of Magomero CFC has been doing the overseeing of these churches.
  2. Pray that the church members will know how to give sacrificially.
  3. Pray for financial breakthrough for church projects.
  4. Pray that God will revive the members and leaders to give according to scripture


  1. Praise God for the commitment and availability of all the leaders under Ps and Mrs. Nzuma
  2. Pray for financial breakthrough for finishing the church building project at Thete
  3. Pray for financial breakthrough at Katewe from the foundation where was stopped
  4. Pray for 2016 plan to build a church pastor house at Kapsa CFC


  1. Pray for installation of electricity in the church
  2. Pray for finances to build a store room to keep equipment of the church.
  3. Pray for resources to enable the church buy music equipment eg keyboard, amplifier.
  4. Pray for 2016 plans to be accomplished in Jesus name.


  1. Praise God for enabling the church to clear debts amounting to one million and buying a new keyboard.
  2. Praise God for doing bigger part of the flooring and some windows including set up of storehouse.
  3. Thank God for continued commitment and dedication of church leaders and members to the activities of the church.
  4. Thank God successful the establishment of a home cell at Nkhamenya and for identifying land for church plot. Pray this shall grow into a church and experience spiritual, numerical and financial growth.
  5. Pray for adequate resources to finish the window fixing and flooring at the boma church.
  6. Pray for financial growth for projects and other administrative.
  7. Pray that the leaders will continue to be committed to God’s work at the boma and other branches in district.


  1. Praise God for the commitment and availability of the leaders of the church Ps and Mrs. Kanjawala
  2. Pray for spiritual, numerical and financial growth of the church
  3. Pray that the church members will be committed to attending all church activities.


  1. Praise God for the grace on the life of Pastor Patrick Kadiwa and his family for work they are doing though just married a few months ago.
  2. Praise God that Mponela CFC is growing financially, numerically and spiritually.
  3. Pray that all the projects will be finished with speed so that there shall be a church dedication by the Apostle. We are currently finishing the fence, ceiling, painting and children’s Church.
  4. Pray that church departments will be zealous for God especially ushering, home cells, youth and men’s Ministry.
  5. Pray that elders will work together and support each other’s ministry in order to fulfill on vision.
  6. Pray that there will be no division among them and that they will work together with pastor Kadiwa.
  7. Pray that church in Madisi will be established since Madisi is one of the biggest trading centers in Dowa.
  8. Pray for presiding elder Mai Chavula who is leading the church in Madisi to be strong.
  9. Pray that they will finish buying land since the first payment was done 2015 but the whole process will finish this year.
  10. Pray for Mai busa Kadiwa and Mai Zalangwa as they are building women’s ministry both in MPONELA and Madisi.
  11. Pray that MPONELA CFC members will take higher positions in organizations around MPONELA and in businesses since MPONELA is growing and developing fast.


  1. Praise God for the commitment of the leaders and growth of the church experienced under Ps and Mrs Kapotera
  2. Praise God for music equipment.
  3. Pray for favor with MHC to allocate land for church building project
  4. Pray for Spiritual, financial and numerical growth
  5. Pray for the overflow anointing upon the pastor and his wife.
  6. Pray for breakthroughs of members so that they can excel in giving.
  7. Pray for deliverance and protection of members from all powers of evil eg witch craft and Satanism.
  8. Pray for purity and Godly fear.
  9. Finishing well the year 2016


  1. Praise God for the commitment and availability of all the leaders under Ps and Mrs Mpinganjira
  2. Pray for the financial breakthrough to finish the church building.
  3. Pray for the church growth spiritually, numerical and financially.
  4. Pray that the church members will be committed to attending all church services.


  1. Praise God for provision of finances that enabled us to build the church building which is now at roofing level. We also were able to buy a keyboard and plastic chairs.
  2. Praise God for the spirit of giving.
  3. Praise God for spiritual and numerical growth of the church in Dedza despite that they do not have a resident pastor.
  4. Praise God for unity, dedication and commitment of leaders and entire congregation.
  5. Praise God for success of land dispute with Dedza town council.
  6. Pray for provision of finances to finish church building which is now at roofing level.
  7. Pray for Dedza church to be given a visionary Pastor.
  8. Pray for spiritual and numerical growth.
  9. Pray for provision of finances for the church to buy drums.
  10. Pray for love, unity and togetherness of both the leadership and members of church.


  1. Pray for Church growth in Kamwendo, Guilleme and Mchinji Boma branches
  2. Pray for availability of finances for building project at Guilleme where there is temporary shelter
  3. Pray for the provision of land for the Kamwendo branch.
  4. Pray for stability of members in the absence of a pastor.
  5. Pray God’s guidance on the elders as they lead the church in the absence of the pastor
  6. Pray for the Identification and provision of a pastor.


  1. Praise God for cooperation, unity and love among the leadership and the church membership under Ps and Mrs Betha
  2. Thank God for manage to buy extended plot and construct pastors which is on finishing level.
  3. Thank God for manage to open another branch (Nyemba)
  4. Pray for spiritual, numerical and financial growth of the church
  5. Pray that God should open doors of money to buy another land to construct another house for commercial purposes and buying new equipment.


  1. Praise God for the growth of the church which is evident in all homecels under the leadership of Pastor and Mrs Chinzimu.
  2. Pray for the financial breakthrough as we start the project of the cathedral.
  3. Pray that leaders will commit themselves continually to the word and prayer.
  4. Destroy the satanic image other people have of our church.
  5. Pray that Christ establishes the foundations of Lumbadzi church and that God will give them grace to have an impact in the area.
  6. Pray that God will give the Lummbadzi church favour as they want to buy land for the church
  7. Pray for commitment of church leaders to the vision, mission and strategy of the church. Pray that church members will participate in the church activities actively


  1. Thank God for the commitment and availability of the church leaders in Area 21 who have tirelessly worked without a pastor
  2. Thank God for Pastor Holla who once in a while has been sending pastors to Area 21 to help the church. Thank God for the availability of the men of God who have frequented Area 21
  3. Pray that a full time pastor will be found and sent to Area 21 Pastor (a full time  Pastor )
  4. Pray that the church members will be committed to prayer and that they will attend all prayer meetings organised by the church
  5. Pray that the church will experience Spiritual and numerical growth in 2016 of the church.
  6. Pray for Financial breakthroughs of the church members. Pray that they will give towards the work of the church.
  7. Pray for Strong families in Area 21 who will be examples to the youth. Pray that they will be committed to building their families through family altars
  8. Pray that all members shall be committed to attending home cells every other week.
  9. Pray that the spirit of the Lord will be with home cell leaders as they lead these home cells.
  10. Pray that construction of the church building will be resumed and finalised in 2016 since the slab was completed earlier in 2015

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