Prayer & Fasting Day 25- January 26

The Lilongwe City Church, being the regional headquarters, supervises and oversees the activities of the church in the Central region as follows: Magomero, Kasungu, Salima, Kapsya, Dedza, Bua, Santhe, Mponela, Mtunthama, Kanyerere, Area 51, Mchinji, Dowa, Ntchisi, Nkhota-Kota, Dwangwa and Area 21

1. Thank God for His grace of restoration of church membership.
2. We thank God for enabling us to put up a Sunday School block which will be completed soon.
3. We thank God for helping us acquire another piece of land at Area 49 Gulliver.PRAYER ITEMS
1. Pray that the church continues to grow up to a point where we can start a second service.
2. Pray that all departments will continue to committee themselves in the work of God Please pray especially for the departments that were dormant like men’s ministry and that they will rise upon 2016
3. Pray that the leadership will continue to commit themselves to the work of God even more in 2016
4. Pray for the fear of the Lord on the membership
5. Pray for God’s guidance on all the programs outlines for 2016.
6. Pray that the church members will continue with the spirit of giving as they have been doing in 2015 so that we embark on other projects.
7. Pray for families for peace, love and unity as many of them have been passing through troubled times.

1. Pray that the Pastors and their leadership will rise to the challenge of growth in the region and the understanding of the CFC church governance system that the church is built on the apostolic and prophetic foundations. Pray for the leaders in the churches so that there will be unity, love, vision and passion for the work of God.
2. Pray that God should raise other leaders to replace those that have been transferred in other places in the region.
3. Pray for divine protection upon the church leaders, their families, members and assets that no weapon fashioned against them shall prosper. Furthermore, the Lord should enable the church initiate and accomplish projects in time. (Is 54: 14-18), (Proverbs 10:22), (Deuteronomy 9:3) and (Haggai 2:8)
4. Pray for spiritual uplift for the church so that members will be filled and guided by the Holy Spirit, be strong, dependable, live a prayerful life, guided by the Word of God, exercise holiness and be strong in the power of God’s might (Matthew 7:7-11, Acts 1:4 and 2:1)
5. Pray for stability of members in all areas.
6. Pray for membership growth spiritually and numerically so that there is evident church growth. Pray for members to be sacrificial givers and tithers.
7. Pray that the members will flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Acts 4:31 /1 Thes 5:17

1. Pray for the growth of the church in all areas as many people left the church. Pray for revival in the church and the entire community.
2. Pray for finances to finish up the church building project which started a few years ago.
3. Pray for commitment and availability of church leaders as well as members to the things of God.
4. Pray for Ministries and departments to rise and be zealous for God.
5. Pray for finances to top up some musical equipment.
6. Pray for 2016 plans to be accomplished in Jesus name.
7. Pray that the whole church will be protected as it has gone through
different situations.
8. Pray for the pastor and his family: protection and God’s guidance.
Unity and grace upon the church.

1. Pray for the availability of finances for the church building, remaining with flooring curtains, painting and wiring
2. Pray for God’s provision on the need for a PA system
3. Pray that the Leadership will be committed and exemplary led by Ps and Mrs Sigana
4. Pray for Membership growth both spiritually and numerically and that they will not be moved by traditional and cultural beliefs.
1. Praise God for the leadership of the Salima Church under the leadership of Ps and Mrs Chakuwala.
2. Thank the Lord because of an offer of the land from the Malawi Housing worth MK3,400,000.00.
3. Thank God that part payment has been made to Malawi Housing. Pray for financial grace to be released for completion of purchasing the land.
4. Pray that leaders the church members will be committed to the church and all its activities
5. Pray that the church will grow spiritually, numerically and financially
1. Pray for the leadership of the church led by Pastor and Mrs. Kafanikhale
2. Pray for Church growth-spiritually, numerically and financially
3. Pray for availability of finances of the building project


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