Prayer & Fasting Day 24

The Zomba church under the leadership of Pastor Kadumah supervises the churches in Namadzi, Liwonde, Mayaka, Malosa, Balaka, Ntcheu and Monkeybay. It is an Islamic belt in the country. We therefore need to pray that the church will break all barriers in the region to reach out to the Muslims.

Praise Items

  1. Praise God for increase in membership
  2. Praise God for the spiritual growth of members through the systematic teachings by Pastor Kadumah
  3. Praise God for the increase in finances.
  4. Praise God for the unity and availability of leaders
  5. Praise God for sustaining the church despite then false teachings around.


  1. Pray the church will grow in 2016 numerically, spiritually, financially
  2. Pray that elders and the pastor will work together in unity
  3. Pray that the church will be able to give towards the roofing and finalisation of the church building 2016
  4. Pray that the leaders will be committed to their work
  5. Pray that members will catch the spirit of prayer in 2016 and will be committed to participating in all prayer meetings
  6. Pray for divine health, protection and financial breakthrough for the Pastor Kadumah and his family


  1. Praise God for His abounding grace upon us which has enabled us to raise funds for the purchasing and acquiring of land.
  2. Praise God for the growth of the church’s influence in Mangochi
  3. Praise God for the leadership; its zeal, passion and commitment in God’s work.
  4. Praise God for the 2015 church programs which have excelled church growth.
  5. Thank and praise God for all kinds of grace upon us in every aspect of our life.


  1. New strength from the Lord for His work in 2016. Any kind of fatique in God’s work must go.
  2. Members to grow in God’s grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ; to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  3. Members must not only be hearers but also doers of the word; and be established in faith, and in the church.
  4. Church growth in all aspects; spiritual, numerical and financial.
  5. Manifestation of God’s power for salvation of the lost, and strength for the believers.

Praise God for

  1. The church leadership and the unity that exists among the leaders led by Pastor John Lodzani and his wife
  2. The commitment of members to the church as manifested through giving considering the size of the church,
    Giving us the ability to purchase a keyboard.
  3. The fulfilment of at least three quarters of church programmes which were set for this year 2015.


  1. God should raise people for the growth of our church.
  2. God should give his people financial break through so that the church can have the ability to build.
  3. Spiritual growth of the members so that they are delivered from broken marriages and pregnancies outside wedlock.
  4. Pray that as the church members engage in Muslim outreach they will be protected


  1. The protection & preservation of CFC members in the church and the good
  2. relationship that exist between the members
  3. The provision on the people and their pastor
  4. The numerical growth the church has experienced in 2016
  5. The commitment & dedication displayed by the members and the entire leadership.


  1. Increased zeal by the CFC members on all church programs
  2. Increased Church growth numerically and financially
  3. Committed & dedicated leadership
  4. Improved Family relations and their finances
  5. God’s grace to buy land for the construction of the church building

Praise God for:

  1. Managing to mould and burn bricks for the construction of a church building
    Because of the unity among the leaders and church members
  2. Revival which is taking place in Home cells as many people are now attending these
    Spiritual, numerical and financial growth of the church and her members

Pray For

  1. That the church will embark on the building project of their church and finish construction of it in 2016
  2. Continued church growth in terms of numbers, finances and their spiritual lives
  3. God to give them church members that are working
  4. Committed Leadership


  1. We praise God for progress and grace upon our building project to be able to move from window level to roofing within short period (Neh 4:21)
  2. We praise God for unity ,love and calm among leaders (JHN13:35)
  3. We praise God for the growth of the church that is coming of new members (ACTS 5:14)
  4. We thank God for the revival in women ministry; there is good attendance in their meetings (PS 68:11)
  5. We thank God for the zeal that has been upon the church for the work of God JHN 2;17

Pray for

  1. Grace to finish the church project that got started last year (ZECH 4:9)
  2. Pastor Symon Matutu and his wife Annie as they lead the church in Balaka that God should protect, anoint and prosper them mighty ( 3JOHN 1:2)
  3. The church to be grounded n the truth (EPH 3:17)
  4. The leadership to continue walking in love and unity and to be able to run the vision of CFC (1 COR 11:1)
  5. That the members will be committed to giving their resources (2COR 8:7)

Praise God for

  1. God’s protection over the church members, leadership and the family of our pastor
  2. The message of Grace Upon Grace which has been preached in the church this year and that the church has indeed grown in the grace of God
  3. For the electricity which has been installed at the church last year
  4. For numerical growth which happened this year

Pray for

  1. The leadership of the church to be one under the leadership of Pastor as they minister to God
  2. That church members will be dedicated to all church activities
  3. Release of financial resources towards church building in 2016


  1. We praise God we have managed to finish building the church Hall and foundation of the offices and toilets.
  2. We thank God for the unity among the Elders , Leaders of different departments and even the whole church
  3. We praise God for his sufficient grace upon this church that some members have breakthrough in their lives, business, jobs, and also others in their careers.
  4. We praise him also for the revelation of the word upon us and also his visitation and power during our services
  5. We thank God that some members now understand the God’s word and are also growing spiritually
  6. We thank him for his abundance grace that people are coming to join us though we are not preached to them.


  1. God’s providential grace should be upon us so that we can get money amounting to k1.7million for roofing.
  2. We should continue empower the pastor with divine power so that many miracles should continue to manifest, that people should believe the true God. Not only that but also traditional spirit and the Muslim spirit which is very rampant should be broken that people should know, receive and confess Jesus to be their Lord and saviour.
  3. Pray against the spirit of murmuring which is in some of the member’s and also absenteeism.
  4. Pray for church growth in all areas such as spiritual growth, financial growth and also numerical growth. In numerical, God should increase to us well committed people, business people and those who are working.
  5. Pray for the spirit of Love and unity among members and also they should know how important it is when meeting at the Home Cells.


  1. We thank God for taking us through in the year 2015
  2. We thank God for divine provision of Life in 2015 we have not Lost any life through death.
  3. We had financial hardships but God provided us our needs in 2015
  4. Thanks to God for the Leaders who worked hand in hand with the Pastor to build up the church in 2015.
  5. We thank God for support he gave us through the Regional office for the church to stand.


  1. Pray that the church will acquire land and purchase it in 2016
  2. Pray that strong and dedicated leadership will be available and work in unity in 2016
  3. Pray for church growth numerically, spiritually and financially in 2016
  4. Pray that the church will win more Muslim families to Christ in 2016.
  5. Pray for unity and Love among members for the church to grow.
  6. Pray that the church will find a strategic place for our meetings as they wait to construct their own church building

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